Data Visualisation With Mathplotlib In Python

These plotting methods are developed in situ and They are organised as to serve for the tasks from the simple data visualisation, to the publication quality plots.

These plot programs are far from the simple copies of the existing applications. Some of them are developed originally in this project so they are only found in this handout.

This publication is presented in English, therefore it is accessible by all the international community, i.e. for anybody in the galaxy. For producing the needed plots it will be only necessary to assemble needed program steps from the programs included in this publication. Using this program steps will help the programmer to plot their data in simple and reliable way, so it may prevent endless searches form the tutorials and documentation.

Please focus to the programs describing colored legends which can only found in this publication.

For all readers in our galaxy.

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Prof.Dr. Bedri Doğan Emir

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