Working Plots in Julia Programming Language (New Release of March 2018)

These plotting methods are developed in situ and served in docx and pdf formats. These working copies are written entirely as to reflect Julia Programs and therefore accessible by all the international community, i.e. for anybody in the galaxy.

Pour tout les interlocuteurs sur notre galaxie.

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Working Plots in Julia Programing Language.html

Working Plots in Julia Programing Language.docx

Working Plots in Julia Programing Language.pdf


N.B.: Better to select PlotlyJs backend for local visualisation. With PlotlyJS, we can access data values by tracking the plots with the mouse.

Pyplot backend is more suitable for publications, since it has more fine tuning arguments for producing clearer plots.

Gadfly may be the backend of choice for publication quality plots. It is the most sophisticated plotting engine ever.

Just follow the manuscript and make your own choices.

For plottting purposes, everyday or publication grade, application of the recipes defined in this manuscript will be sufficient. Any prior Julia programming language backgound won't be necessary. But, knowledge helps!

Happy plotting!

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